The Art and Science of Pitching Book
The Art and Science of Pitching is the latest from Tom House and the National Pitching Association on pitching mechanics, functional strength, drills, nutrition and more!

The Picture Perfect Pitcher
The Picture Perfect Pitcher has action photos of elite major league pitchers demonstrating their style and technique. The book provides plenty of visuals for both coaches and pitchers.

Fit to Pitch
Pitching expert Tom House combines his on-field experiences, weight-room workouts, and years of research to deliver proven, practical applications that will strengthen your pitching throughout the year. It details pitcher-specific workouts for year-round conditioning and even provides rehabilitation guidelines that help players return to competition faster and more safely.

The Pitching Edge
Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, and on and on. Tom House helped build these athletes into Hall of Famers and Cy Young award winners. Now, in The Pitching Edge, 2nd Edition, House provides instruction on mechanics, physical conditioning, and the psychology of pitching, the three elements pitchers need to master to make it to the top.

Stronger Arms and Upper Body
Stronger Arms and Upper Body provides proven cross-specific training programs and exercises that will help coaches, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals improve upper-body strength, power, and muscle endurance to achieve maximum performance gains and minimize risk of injury.

The Art and Science of Pitching DVD Series
This complete set of video includes everything you need to know to help you play at your highest level. Included in the set are: Pitching Mechanics, Fitness on the Field, Safe Curveballs, Effective Change Up, Functional Strength Training. Core Warm Ups, Cords and Grips, and Performance Drills videos. This is an extensive knowledge base to lead to you to excellence on the mound. Having three effective pitches, perfect mechanics, and having the flexibiity and strength to reduce is all here. Have your own personal pitching coach at your fingertips at all time. For pitchers of all ages!

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